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Traditional and modern music box

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-21 08:57
The articulation unit of the traditional music box is a small piece of steel. It can play limited songs because its size is so tiny. The essence of music is a series of high and low notes that are pronounced in a certain order at different points in time.
Using a small piece of steel to map the timelines of the music, describe the order and time of each note. It's very easy to convert a spectrum into a timeline, as long as you draw a table and mark the name of each note on the abscissa with the ordered time on the ordinate, then follow the spectrum and go through it. It will be finished after putting color on the corresponding position on the table by the length of each sound. If you've ever played a VOS or a dance machine or something like that, it would have been intuitive for the timeline. If we shorten the vertical coordinates of the time axis strictly in proportion, the movement of the small steel sheet will slow down its speed when playing, but the music will still be the same.
With the development of high and new technology, modern music boxes adopt voice modules to make sound. The sound chip is a relatively simple voice circuit, which can generate various music signals by means of internal oscillating circuit and external small quantity of discrete components. Music chip is an important branch of voice integrated circuit, which is widely used in music electronic greeting cards, electronic toys, music candles, electronic clocks, electronic doorbells, household appliances and other occasions.
It works by reading frequency and delay data from ROM. Send the frequency data to the frequency generator, and then delay the data to the counter. When it is reduced to 0, the generator will constantly output a specific value of frequency. When the PC pointer goes to 1, it will read the next beat data. If the PC pointer is greater than the total number of beats, it will clear to zero to avoid reading other random data. The sound of music, which can produce various WAV sounds, is the same as the operating principle of the sound card. To program a short section of music data into the internal output, the data will be played back to the internal DAC according to the PC pointer.
At present, voice chips are divided into two types: programmable music chip and recordable sound module. They all can meet people’s different requirements nowadays.
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