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Ultrasonic pest repeller, specially designed for pest and mice

News by ninechip | On 2018-11-12 16:14
Such as the period at night, which would be the peak time of running everywhere for cockroaches and rodents, especially in disaster-stricken areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, we can adjust the ultrasonic pest repellents to the maximum intensity (the moon sign) and blown away without daring to stay for a moment! What’s more intelligent, the pest repellent device has a light sensor, when the room is dark, it will automatically activate night mode, enhance the intensity of pest repellent; when there is light, it will automatically switch back to daytime mode, reducing power consumption.
   Moreover, it is safe and harmless to human cats and dogs and it has a special sonic intensity for rodents. Many people will worry about whether ultrasound is harmful to people. There is no need to worry. Whether ultrasound is harmful to human body depends on the intensity of sound waves. For example, B ultrasound used by pregnant women checking is a kind of ultrasound. And it is the B ultrasound in low-intensity, non-radiation, which is harmless to both mother and baby. The intensity of the ultrasonic wave of the repellent is lower than that of the B ultrasonic wave, which is completely harmless to the human body, cats and dogs, but it has enough deterrence to the insects and rodents and can repellent them.
   The operation of insect repellents is easy, for it has no switches or other complicated operations and can be used once plug in electricity, which is ultra-simple and convenient. And it only costs 0.2W ultra-low power, has low power consumption and long life. And it can open for 24 hours a day and only needs 1 degree of electricity for lasting 208 days. No need to replace incense like mosquito repellent tablets or electric mosquito repellent, which save both electricity and money! Ever since we have this repellent, we have never seen any mosquito, cockroach, rodents anytime and anywhere at home.
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