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Voice chip - an electronic watch that can report time

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-16 08:38

A clock that will report time. Isn't it cool? It turns out we're all looking at the present time. But sometimes, when we do things, we don't have time to take time to look at them. When we add up to a certain period of time, we have to do another thing. What to do about it? Missing time is likely to miss an opportunity or miss a feeling. Next I introduce a kind of clock that can make the whole time to solve the problem.

One, the voice in the voice chip was recorded at 0 o'clock a.m. and recorded at 23 o'clock pm.

Two, set the voice chip into sequential trigger mode. And a button is connected to the IO port where the sequence is triggered.

Three, we transferred the minute hand of the clock to 12 o'clock. Then measure the distance and use a bare copper wire and thin copper wire to pass through the dial. Then you can't touch the hour hand and the second hand, and you can only touch the position of the minute hand.

Four, the order of our voice chip is to play the key switch where we connect the root line, respectively, on the copper wire we have just worn, and the metal that can be short circuited by the pin.

Five, adjust the present time. Then the button is played in the order of the voice chip. Adjust the time to the present

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