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Voice chip application - attendance access voice chip

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-12 08:43

Voice chip content reference for attendance machine:

Please brush your cards

Please enter the fingerprint

Please Try Again

Please enter the fingerprint again

Password error

Product features:

OTP storage format, production cycle is fast, the fastest speed need only one day, the order has no minimum limit.

Flexible multi button operation mode and level output mode are selected (edge button trigger, level trigger, random key play, sequence key play).

Simple and convenient two line MCU serial port control mode. The user master MCU can control the trigger and stop of any segment voice.

The speech duration is 16 seconds, 35 seconds, 65 seconds, 85 seconds, and 115 seconds.

A set of PWM output devices can be built to push the 0.5W horn.

The flexible playback operation saves voice space and can play 64 voice combinations at most.

The sound quality is beautiful, the performance is stable and the price is cheap and good.

Built in LVR self-reset circuit to ensure normal chip operation.

The three packages of DIP8, SOP8 and COB are easy to choose, easy to use and flexible to use.

The peripheral circuit is simple, only a coupling capacitance is needed.

The range of working voltage: 1.6V to 5.5V;

Static current: 2uA;

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