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Voice chip help to reinforce vehicle charging pile

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-09 08:42

The electric vehicle charging pile has the functions of charging control, liquid crystal display, voice prompt, charge card charging, electric energy metering and the remote communication and so on. The voice in its function is a more important ring to guide the user to complete the charging process. It combines the charging pile of the intelligent voice synthesis chip and through the voice prompt operation of each process. Voice navigation for users greatly improves charging efficiency and saves manpower cost. For example, please connect the plug, close the shield and charge the card. When your card balance is insufficient, it will prompt that "the balance in the card is insufficient, please recharge it." And other useful information. When you charge, it will automatically prompt by text to voice technology: "you choose to charge fast, charging process is 3.5 hours." After the charging is completed, the amount deducted, the amount of charge and so on will be automatically prompted.

Similarly, when a car enters a charging pile, a built-in TTS chip for a charging pile will be detected by a test that "welcomes the use of a charging pile, uses electricity to clean energy, and protects the earth's environmental protection." You can choose to use or close this function by setting up. Customers can also make specific hints to welcome the time interval between voice and broadcast. When the electric vehicle leaves the charging pile, it will prompt "pay attention to traffic rules" or some road conditions. So the charging pile is intelligent from the cold machine, and the experience friendliness of the customer will rise greatly, and the realization of this function requires only a small chip or TTS software.

The charging pile can also be built in the big parking lot in the busy area. The citizens can not only stop and charge the electric cars, but also can charge the cars easily.

The charging pile is an important guarantee for China's new energy electric vehicle in the future, providing good hardware support for the promotion and extensive use of electric vehicles. At that time, customers can buy electric recharge cards at the power outlets and charge them on the card.

Responsible editor (Guangzhou nine core electronic science and Technology)

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