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Voice chip music band eight tone box and music box

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-17 08:51

Voice chip Parameter Description:

1, built in 12 multi-channel music for choice.

2, built-in MIDI multi-channel tone detection, corresponding to musical instruments.

3, built-in machine cat identification detection, determine the variety of musical instruments.

4, built in 1W power amplifier, directly driving the horn, the volume is regulated by potentiometers.

Functional introduction:

The characters will correspond to the sound of the musical instruments in the music, the middle conductor swings his hand, and the sound of which musical instrument will turn to the dream of the instrument, and every machine cat can put it on its own. In the process of playing each piece of music, for example, if you only choose the pianist jingle at this time. Put it in any place to play for you. There is only the sound of the piano in the tune, and only it knocks. The more magical place is that when you put the flute to the stage again, it will follow the flute accompaniment to the place you have played at the time, and so on, you can choose different performers to play the music for you. And will be added or reduced at will in the course of the performance. In one case, the sound of music does not change with the increase and decrease of the jingle, that is, when the conductor jingle on the stage, the sound of music is played at the same time.

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