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Voice chip technology used in automotive electronics

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-06 09:04

In twenty-first Century, with the growth of the national economy, it not only led to the overall development of the automobile industry, but also led to the rapid development and improvement of the whole automobile industry chain and automobile electronics. In a lot of high-grade, very high-end cars have been used in automobile electronic products, and even now the automotive electronics have become the brain and information processing center of the car.

Today, with the rapid economic development, it is no longer a dream to have a car of one's own. And automobile manufacturers have applied more and more high-tech to cars, such as reverse radar, GPS anti-theft alarm, car audio, navigator, and increase speech recognition technology and intelligent voice system to realize human and car interaction, let the car show its own value, safety, convenience, and so on. It was the mark of every car.

In the security point of view, voice prompting is a necessary function in the car, which means that the voice chip has become a necessary component in the automotive electronic products. Now the voice chip technology will bring us a lot of convenience when we use the car, such as the reverse radar, when the car is in the process of reversing. In front of the alarm horn, alarm and so on, anti-theft alarm and can be articulation to prompt the state of the car; and can be located through the GPS satellite, let the car anytime and anywhere in your control.

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