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What are the three main reasons for false alarm of gas voice alarm?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-12 08:45

First, the sensor of gas voice alarm is aging or polluted, the use time of the gas sensor is about 2 years (depending on the situation). In excess of the service life, the sensor will transmit the wrong signal and cause the false alarm. The sensor has a lot of requirements for the environment used, and if it is not properly protected, it will make the sensor poisoned, resulting in incorrect analysis of the sensor and false alarm. Therefore, when choosing the gas alarm, we should pay attention to the degree of product protection to sensors and determine the service life. The solution is to replace the new sensor and calibrate it.

Second, the standard calibration time of the gas voice alarm is half a year. Sometimes the alarm has not been calibrated for more than half a year. It will also produce false alarm, or because of improper operation, it will destroy the original calibration. The solution is from the new calibrated gas detector.

Third, the aging of the product, the long use of gas voice alarm, the internal components aging, not accurate transmission of signals, thus causing false alarm, the solution is the timely replacement of gas alarm.

Responsible editor (Guangzhou nine core electronic science and Technology)

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