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What is the difference between Leakage output and Push-pull output of MCU voice chip?

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-18 09:25
Leakage output
The open leakage output is very similar to the open collector circuit. It refers to from MOSFET drain output, but it does not output voltage. Usually the low voltage is grounded, while the high voltage cannot. The "leakage" mentioned in the concept of open leakage output circuit refers to the drain pole of MOSFET. In a similar way, the "set" in the open collector circuit refers to the collector of the transistor. An open drain circuit is a circuit that outputs very well with the drain of the MOSFET. The general usage is to add pull-up resistance to the circuit outside the drain. The complete leakage path shall be composed of the opening and leaking device and the opening and leaking pull-up resistor, which is used to manufacturing push button recordable sound chips, etc.
Its output is switch to realize level conversion, so that it can realize that logic of "line and", and the driving capability is increase by using the external circuit, and the high level is provided by using the pull-up resistor.
Push-pull output
Push-pull output, also known as push-pull amplifier, generally refers to the control of two transistors by two complementary signals, always on one transistor when the other will end. Push-pull output is generally referred to as push-pull output. It should be more appropriate than CMOS output in a CMOS circuit, because the push-pull output capacity in a CMOS circuit cannot be as large as that of a bipolar circuit. The output capacity depends on the area of the output pole N tubes and P tubes in IC. Compared with the open-leak output, push-pull's high and low levels are determined by the IC power supply, so it is not possible to perform simple logic operations. Push-pull is now the most commonly used output level design method in CMOS circuits.
Push-pull output can absorb current or instill current. For leaky output, push-pull output level depends on the IC power supply of voice. The condition is that there can be only one push-pull output.
That is also the basic designing principle on sound chip and recordable voice module.
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