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What is the difference between speed alarm and speed limiter?

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-20 09:37
Over speeding is one of the enemies of safe driving and the main cause of traffic accidents. However, actually there are many drivers who also do not want to speed subjectively. The depth of a foot on the accelerator can determine whether or not to speed over limitation. So how should we avoid it?
Now let us introduce more details about speed alarm and speed limiter to you.
Speed alarm:
The speed alarm system is installed in the computer to ensure the safety of driving. When the speed of the car exceeds a certain set speed (for example, 120km/h), a sound alarm will be issued to remind you that the speed you set has been exceeded. At this point, you should release the throttle control speed.
Speed limiter:
Basically a speed governor device is also set to ensure safe driving. The governor system differs from the speed alarm essentially, when you set the speed limit, the speed is limited to the limit, and the RPM is controlled, so the speed is not going to be able to get up. It basically eliminates the possibility of an overspeeding, which can be said to be an anti-overspeeding device.
If you encounter an emergency and you need to speed up urgently, but it is too late to turn off manually, all you need to do is just to step on the accelerator deeply, then step on the bottom and the resistance point. The vehicle speed restrictor will be temporarily lifted and the speed will accelerate up. When the speed returns to the set value, the limit function is restored.
At the end of the year, there will be also many cars same as people, so we hope everyone will comply with the traffic regulations so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.
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