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What types of video audio chips are available?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-09 08:50

ISD series: a series of chips from 10s to 16 minutes. The FLASHRAM flash memory is IC as the medium, and the voice can be saved after power failure. Features: there is no single chip microcomputer inside, it is more difficult to control, easy to lose data, and chips and programmers are of high price.

APR series: APR9301 is a single section 30 seconds video recording voice chip, APR9600 is 40s to 60s multi segment voice length adjustable video and play chip, can be segmented video recording, voice after power failure can be saved. Features: inconvenient control, easy to lose data, and high chip price.

PM50 series: using MCU and speech processor +FLASHRAM structure, 20s to 400s, can repeatedly erase. Features: the control is more convenient; the price of the chip is high.

WT series: WTSRB006A is a simple SRAM video recording chip. The recording time can be changed by adjusting the frequency of the oscillating resistance in the range of 4-8S. It can only store a piece of voice, and it needs very small current to save the voice. Features: simple recording and playback circuit, short storage time and low price.

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