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Which kind of toy can stimulate the potential ability of the baby, electronic products or traditional toys.

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-26 10:15
Playing is very important for the healthy growth of children. There is an old saying goes, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Is there any way to play something that will help children thrive in all aspect of cognition, physiology, psychology and social life? With so many electronic products, is it outdated to play with building blocks for children? Can all kinds of puzzle toys on the market really make children smarter? Is there any kind of education App available?
The most important feature of toys is not how fun they are. It is that they bring children together with their parents, engage in passionate and interesting interactions, and promote close relationships between children and their parents. And it can also promote its social, emotional, cognitive and language development and other aspects.
Existing evidence suggests that these traditional toys are good for children's development. For example, plush toy voice box can help children understand words to describe and experience their feelings. Building blocks and puzzles promote fine motor development, understanding simple Spaces and mathematics. By actively participating in sports, children can learn to use their own bodies and interaction to and socialize with their friends.
Of course, in the electronic age many traditional toys have added many new elements. Is that new age toy really better than traditional voice recorder button toy? In this clinical report, it is suggested that some toys featuring light and sound may indeed be more attractive to children.
However, these elements also replace the stimulation that can be conveyed through facial expressions, gestures and voice, which reduces children's social participation and hindering the interaction between children and their parents. Nowadays many toys are designed to imitate or even replace traditional toys. Usually many educational apps do not require parents' participation and children can play themselves. Indeed, such toys seem to be a relief to parents. But in fact, most of these toys do not have the function of promoting parent-child interaction. The continuous extension of screen time is a disturbance to parent-child games and interactions. Please spend more time to company with your children if you feel like you are not that closed with them.
While some apps may help children learn, there is no evidence that they are comparable to games played with traditional toys between parents and children. Instead, it prevents children from learning to use their own hands to explore and manipulate regions of the brain associated with spatial cognition and mathematical ability. Recent research has shown that children who play with electronic devices use fewer words, transitions and responses to their parents, and make fewer sounds when playing with electronic toys. On the contrary, stuffed animal sound module may be able to have the effect. If you have to contact it, you must have strict limits and restrictions on how long it takes to use electronic products.
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