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Why is the ultrasonic pest repeller so magical and effective?

News by ninechip | On 2018-11-06 15:52
  Why is this ultrasonic pest repeller so magical and effective? We’d talk it starting with its pest repellent principle. Studies have shown that mosquito and cockroach ants have a strong fear and uneasiness about specific ultrasonic waves in the range of 25 kHz - 80 kHz. The repellent can also emit eight specific ultrasonic frequencies, so that the nervous and auditory systems of the mosquito and cockroach ants are strongly disturbed, and then run away in extreme pain and suffering. What's more, these sound frequencies can be intelligently converted so that insects, such as mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants, can't be "immune" to a certain frequency and dare not stay in your home for a moment. The insect repellent has passed the inspection certification of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and strictly guaranteed the effectiveness of insect repellent. The rate of mosquito repellent, cockroach repellent, rat repellent and ant repellent is 91%, 100%, 95% and 97% respectively. Many colleagues used to say: "after a month, the family basically can't see rats, cockroaches, and even mosquitoes are much less." "I remember when I first used it, I also saw several cockroaches desperately wandering elsewhere, like they were on refuge. After a few days I have never seen cockroaches again."
   A palm-sized repellent can cover a space of about 15-20 feet tightly, like a powerful protective air shield that keeps mosquitoes and cockroaches from stepping into the area. In a box, there are 4 insect repellents, and it is enough for the house with 1 hall, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet.
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