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Why use high power ultrasonic rat repellent? What's the advantage of ultrasonic rat repellent device?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-19 09:00

Answer: because ultrasonic has the characteristics that cannot penetrate obstacles, strong direction, fast attenuation and so on, this is the disadvantage of ultrasonic wave and it is its advantage. It is because so most ultrasound can spread through reflection and refraction, and even cover the whole control space, if the power of the drive mouse is not enough, ultrasound is not enough. After several times of reflection or refraction, the energy will be discounted and even cannot reach the goal of removing the mouse, so the use of a high power drive can achieve better expelling effect.

But, how to determine whether the purchased rat repellent is high-power or low power? A: Recently, there are many self called high-power ultrasonic rat repellent products on the market, but we find that many are cheap, fish, and some design circuits do not have any power amplifying part. The vast number of consumers should be careful when buying, do not just read the text descriptions, and carefully observe the design structure of the products. In general, you can see and check two parts, one, whether there is a power dissipation part, two, can be used by the drive power part to judge, if not sure to find a few manufacturers to compare, can also call to consult, otherwise the purchase is not found when the product is not very repent when it is not high power.

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