Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Intelligent Electronic Rodent Repellent

EXW Price            :  US $3.9 - 6 / pcs
Min.Order Quantity:  100 pcs
Payment terms:    :  T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Shipment              :  DHL, UPS, Fedex or other other logistic line

Video introduction:

Working Theory
        Intelligent mice repeller is the high technology R&D product which aims at repelling mice and pests with ultrasonic wave sound, bionic wave sound and electromagnetic wave. It could be used in AC110V-240V.
        By stimulating mouse’s brain and auditory system, the device makes mice uncomfortable. Then they have to get away here. The electric wave frequency is changing all the time, which mice and pests can’t adapt to.

Technical Parameters

  1. - Working voltage: 110 ~ 240V                                             
  2. - Output rating: 5W
  3. - Ultrasonic Frequency: 20KHZ ~ 50KHZ                             
  4. - Using range: 150sqm
  5. - Material appearance: ABS Material  
  6. - Size(cm):8.5*7.3*10.7cm
  7. - Features: ultrasound, Imitation of sound waves, electromagnetic wave              
  8. - Weight: 0.17kg          
  9. - Electromagnetic wave frequency: 0.8 HZ ~ 8KHZ            
  10. - Color: white
  11. - Warranty:1year  
Product Details:

Product Operation
  1. Put it into socket or connect to power bank through USB port
  2. The left button can turn off/ on bionic wave sound.
    While starting to work, the bionic wave sound is on and the lights will be flashing. (a. Please notice there will be the cats voice and the mice scream every 15 minutes. And each time the sound will be last about 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
    b. If you don’t need the bionic sound, you can adjust the left button to turn off, at that time, the light will stop flashing.)
  1. The right button can adjust ultrasonic frequency from fixed frequency range to various frequency. One is fixed frequency range, that focus on repelling mice. Another is various frequency, which also repels pests.
      PS: 1. 5 led lights flashing means bionic wave sound turn on. Only middle led light on means bionic sound off
             2. Please notice that electromagnetic wave will working all the time while the device working.

Applicable Scope

        1. Except for disinfesting the mouse, the mouse repeller also can disinfest the cockroach, ant, spider, cricket, bug and silkworm.
        2. The mouse repeller can be used in home, warehouse, shop, hotel, restaurant, hospital, office and etc.

        1. The mice repeller should be placed vertically.
        2. Please plug in the socket that has 20-30cm distance from the floor.
        3. Please don’t put big barrier near mice repeller in 1 meter.
When mice repeller is first started, the mice may become active under the effect of the mice repeller. Mice repeller is long term effective, but it may take a long time (about one or two weeks) to see the effect


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