Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Intelligent Vehicle Electronic Rodent Repellent Device YD-M2

Product Name: vehicle rodent repellent device
Product model: YD-M2
Input voltage: DC9V-DC26V
Rated power: 5W
Main functions: ultrasonic rodent repellent device, sonic rodent repellent device
Frequency range: 20 K-40 Khz
Product quality: 160g

The intelligent vehicle electronic rodent repellent device is a high-tech research and development product which aims to prevent the vehicle from being destroyed by the outside organisms such as mice. It combines the latest acoustic wave drive technology and the ultrasonic frequency conversion technology. The installation is convenient and can be directly fixed in the engine room. Automatic identification of vehicle start and start work after parking. The latest energy saving mode, reduce the consumption of battery, automatic protection of the battery, can also make the rat's fear of the sound, so as to achieve the efficacy of super strong rats, so that the vehicle will be free from the harm of mice and other vehicles. When the engine starts to stop automatically, the engine closes and starts to work. It continues to emit ultrasonic waves that interfere with the habits of mice and stimulate the central nervous system of mice to achieve the goal of permanent drive. To prevent rats from damaging the circuit and to settle down in the engine room.

The use occasions include all small vehicles; the driving types include all kinds of mice, and also have certain expelled effects on pests such as cockroaches.


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