MP3 Module

MP3 module with SPI flash, DF/TF, U-disk display, USB connect, I/O & Serial port control N9200 music module

● Support UART Serial port, flash memory, ADKEY, TF Card;
● Support 32GB TF card, 32GB U disk.
● 24 bit DAC output, internal DSP hard decoding, non PWM output. Dynamic range support 90dB,signal-to-noise ratio support 85dB
Product Parameter:
  • Support sampling rate (KHz): 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48. Sound quality,stereophonic;
  • 24 bit DAC output, internal DSP hard decoding, non PWM output, dynamic range support 90dB,signal-to-noise ratio support 85dB;
  • Fully support FAT16,FAT32 file system, support 32G TF Card,support 32G U disk;
  • A variety of control mode, UART serial mode, serial port mode, AD button control mode;
  • The broadcast language can be used to suspend the playing background music, support the song play under the specified path, support the cross disc sowing, and support the early end of the broadcast;
  • Specify time to play;
  • Specify a disc play, and a specified repertoire is played 30 level volume adjustable, 5 EQ adjustable.(NORMAL—POP—ROCK—JAZZ--CLASSIC);
  • Specify a path to play (in support of Chinese and English);
  • Folder switching;
  • Specified time period;
  • Supports computer sound card control and USB mass storage;
  • Supporting triggers cannot interrupt playback;

N9200B is a MP3 chip that provides serial port,which perfectly integrates MP3 and WMV hard decoder chips.

It includes the N9200A and N9200B Music MP3modules,and the software supports TF driver, supports the computer to update the content of SPI-flash directly, and supports the FAT16 and FAT32 file systems.

Through a simple UART serial command or a first-line serial port instruction to play the specified music, and how to play music and other functions, without the tedious underlying operation, good sound quality, easy to use, stable and reliable is the biggest feature of this product.

In addition, the chip is also a product of deep customization, which is a low-cost solution for fixed voice playback.

Application Diagram:

The Module Diagram:

The module uses the SOC scheme, which integrates a 16 bit MCU and one ADSP specially designed for audio decoding which uses hard decoding to ensure the stability and sound quality of the system. The small package size can meet the needs of other products.

Circuit Parameters:

N9200 MP3 Module and Chip Pin Diagram:
N9200 MP3 Module Pin Diagram:

N9200 Chip diagram:


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