Vehicle Speed Governor

Nine Chip Mechanical Throttle Speed Limiter For Old Trucks and Buses

EXW Price: US $35 - 70 / Set
Min.Order Quantity: 50 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 5000 Set/Sets per Month
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,paypal,L/C
Wroking Principle:

        The GPS Antenna will get the real-time current speed and show it on the device screen.
           When over speeding, the device will cut the fuel pump power to limit the car speed.
           If you want to limit the speed smoothly, we can help you with a Actuator- Pedal controller, to make the limiting speed safer.


  1. Working temperature: -40℃ to 85 ℃, humidity less then 90%
  2. Speed limit range: 40-120 KM/H
  3. Speed limit error: 5 KM/H
  4. Working voltage: 9V-28V
  5. Shock proof: 20-50Hz
  6. Pulse voltage proof: 4000V
Features: :
  1. Widely application on vehicles with 12V-24 voltage
  2. Low power consumption 5W
  3. Compact design, Easy and Fast installation, High shockproof ability
  4. Power wire has overcurrent protector
  5. No need maintenance. One time installation is all.
  6. Configure by remote. Driver has no right to edit preset speed limit.
  7. Speed limit cannot be breached. There is also sound and light alarm.
  8. Voice alarm when vehicle speed approaches speed limit.
  9. Speed governor can be connected to vehicle speed meter.
  10. Configuration data is stored forever.
     Vehicle Speed limiter or Speed governor is a device used to restrict the top speed of the vehicle for security reasons, widely used in public service vehicles (buses, school buses) and heavy goods vehicles. Normally speaking, the vehicle is already equipped with an onboard speed limit system prevent the vehicle exceeding certain speed. However in reality usage, the traffic might get dangerous with the pre-controlled speed, especially for school buses, public buses, and heavy construction trucks. Then external speed limiter (speed governor) is needed to ensure the public security.
     There are mainly 2 types of vehicle throttle: Electronic throttle and mechanical throttle. Speed limiter is also divided into 2 types: Electronic throttle Speed limiter and Mechanical throttle Speed limiter. The throttle is a mechanism used to control the inlet gases so as to increase or decrease vehicle speed. Typically, the throttle is a butterfly value placed on the entrance of the intake manifold in a fuel-injected engine or in the carburetor in a carbureted engine. Usually the throttle valve is connected and controlled with a throttle pedal in vehicles.
     Guangzhou Nine Chip Electron Science&Technology Co.,Ltd researches, develops and sells vehicle speed limiter, and provides the solution of PCB circuit board. OEM and ODM for various electronic products are acceptable. Nine Chip Mechanical speed limiter is popular all over the world including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Benin, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador etc.