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NR7100S Recording Voice Chip

Min.Order Quantity: 1000 pieces
Supply Ability: 500000 pieces/month
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C
The NR7100S recording module is developed by the nine core electronics, and the NR7100 recording chip is used to store SPI memory to achieve the function of recording. Its main characteristics are clear voice and long recording time. The longest recording time available at present is 32 minutes. One of the notable features of NR7100S is that the storage time is flexible, and the client selects the corresponding SPI FLASH capacity according to the length of the recording time required by the client, and the main control chip needs no change. Compared with other recording chips or circuits, NR7100 has the advantages of long recording time, flexible control, low cost and clear speech.
NR7100S has three modes: key control mode, parallel port control mode and second line serial port control mode. It can be applied conveniently on many occasions. It is a standardized recording module with high cost performance.
The NR7100S recording module can be used in various voice prompts, such as telephone recording, security, industrial control, fire control, toys, gifts and so on.
The 8 bit DSP kernel recording chip NR7100S, 16 bit ADC input and 16 bit DAC output are adopted.
The voice content is stored in the external SPI FLASH, which can be repeated more than 100000 times and saved for more than 100 years.
The recording files are stored in FLASH in ADPCM format to save storage space.
A multistage recording and playback operation can be recorded at most 220 times per paragraph.
The built-in intelligent file system does not generate storage fragments.
It supports external SPI-FLASH capacity ranging from 1M Bit to 64M Bit, recording up to more than 1000 seconds.
Support standard buttons, a record and play mode, parallel port mode and two-line serial port mode control mode, easy to control.
The sound quality is high, the noise is low, the recording distance is far away, and the built-in AGC gain;
Built in 0.5W audio power amplifier, can directly drive 0.5W speaker.
Support LINE line recording and MIC field recording;
The sampling rate can be set by itself to support 6K to 16K sampling.
There are busy signal output instructions.
The voltage range is DC2.7V to 4.5V, and comes with low voltage detection circuit.
The power saving mode is only less than 150uA of electricity.
It can be widely used in telephone recording, industrial control, fire control, toys and other fields.
The module adopts DIP28 encapsulation, and the main control recording IC is packaged by SSOP28, and the volume is compact.


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