Voice Chip

NVB Series Music Chip

OTP storage format, production cycle is fast. The fastest production needs only one day, the order has no minimum limit.
Flexible multi button operation mode and level output mode are selected (edge button trigger, level trigger, random key play.

The NVB series voice chip is a newly developed industrial grade OTP voice chip suitable for factory production. It has many advantages, such as low cost, stable performance, high sound quality, convenient control, simple circuit and so on. The introduction of NVB to approximate the current industry mask price, but without the minimum limit, to make up for the current industry is a shortage, suitable for low cost and rapid production, the fastest only one day can be shipped.

NVB is a stable performance voice chip. Without any peripheral circuits, it can work normally in extremely bad noise environment. It has a wide range of mild tolerance to pressure and a normal working range of 1.8V~5.5V, which makes up for the poor anti-interference ability of the current market voice chip.

The NVB series voice chip has a set of PWM output ports, which can push 0.5W speakers directly, and the sound quality is clear. Built in LVR reset, without additional reset circuit. Built in precise internal resistance frequency vibrator (maximum +-1% error) without external resistance. One of the obvious advantages of NVB is that the OTP burning program can butt with the MASK seamlessly, that is to say, the user can test production at the stage of trial production at the early stage of the product. When the trial production is successful, the product can be put into production directly by the OTP sample to reduce the cost, and the customer does not need to confirm the sample two times.

The NVB series voice chip has a variety of keypad triggers, and can output various forms of level signals. It can set the fluctuation rhythm according to the voice. In addition, NVB supports main MCU serial port control, and it can control multi segment voice triggering at will.

NVB series voice chip has a variety of practical packaging forms: DIP8, SOP8, COB and so on. The peripheral circuits need only one power supply coupling capacitor and the work is stable. The wide working voltage, the ultra-low standby power and the wide temperature resistance make the NV065A series voice chips have the first class advantage of cost performance in the wide application field.


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