Voice Chip

NVB sound IC chip with 4 I/O ports for sound trigger

● Operating voltage: 1.8~4.5V
● Quiescent current: 2uA
● Voice length: 40s, 65s, 80s
● Sampling range: 6K~26K
● Playback mode: PWM
● Packing: SOP8 & DIP8
● Unit price: $0.2~$0.6 EXW
● Payment: Alibaba, PayPal, Western Union etc.
Application range
NVB series voice chips can be used in a variety of voice prompts of situations, for example: blood pressure monitor, time machine, blood glucose meters, medical equipment, Messenger, Foot Messenger, Bell notified, speech toys, voice alarm, automotive electronics, small appliances, Buddha machines, games, gifts, and so on.

Functional characteristics
  • OTP storage format, production cycle is fast, only the fastest one day, place an order is no minimum limit
  • Flexible multi key mode of operation and the level of output options (edge trigger button, triggering level, random keys, the keys sequence to play )
  • Simple two lines MCU serial control mode. The user of master MCU can control the touch of arbitrarily segments of speech to play or to stop
  • The voice could play 40 seconds,65 seconds, or 80 seconds
  • Support 4 trigger button
  • Built in a group of PWM, this output direct push 0.5W horn
  • Have a good sound, stable performance and high quality and inexpensive
  • The peripheral circuit is simple, only needs a coupling capacitor
  • Working voltage range: 1.8V ~ 4.5V (5V power VDD series should connected capacitor step-down if needed)
  • Quiescent current: 2uA
  • DIP8, SOP8 and COB three kinds of packages are available. It’s easy and flexible to use.
Chip pin maps and pins correspond table
#1 DIP8,SOP8 Pin table
Environmental parameters


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