Voice Chip

NVC Series Music Chip

EXW Price            :  US $0.1-0.5 / pcs
Min.Order Quantity:  500 pcs
Payment terms:    :  T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C
Shipment              :  DHL, UPS, Fedex or other other logistic line
Production time    :  3-5 working days for 1000 pcs.

·OTP storage formats. Fast production cycles. Without MOQ.  
·Variety of key operating mode and level trigger play mode. (Edge button trigger, Level trigger, Random key play, Sequence key play).
·Simple and convenient MCU serial port control mode. The user master MCU can control the trigger and stop of any segment voice.
·Speech time 20 s, 40 s, 80 s, and 180 seconds
·Built-in Group of PWM output can be direct push 0.5W Horn, 13bit DAC output, external analog amplifier
·8 level volume adjustable and various play method
·Working voltage: SOP8/SOP16: 2-4.5V; SSOP20: 2-5.5V
·Inbuilt MCU, customizable function
·Simple and convenient ways for MCU serial port control, user triggers in the master section MCU controlled voice playback and stop;
·Flexible playback operation, through a combination of voice of space can be saved up to play 220 sound combinations;
·Inbuilt LVR-reset circuitry to stable work.
·DIP8, SOP8, as well as the COB three packages to choose from, easy to use and flexible application;
·Support for polyphonic MIDI playback and with good voice quality.
·External circuit is simple, takes only a coupling capacitor;
·Quiescent current: less than 2uA;

 Guide of model selection


1. The voice duration is based on 6K sample rate. Normally our sample rate is greater than 8K. Above duration is only for reference.
2. Each type chip could play chord.
3. Except for NV080C chip, while voltage is 5V and to connect “4007/4148”, chip’s voltage could be reduce under 4.5V .

Internal structure diagram

Chip’s PINS

1. Key applications diagram, PWM ,VDD<4.5V

2. Key applications
diagram, PWM ,VDD>4.5V

3. One-line serial port diagram- PWM output,VDD<4.5V,MCU (BUSY is optional)

4. MCU two-line serial circuit diagram – PWM, VDD<4.5V, BUSY is optional



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