Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Solar Electronic Bird Repellent Devices YD-Q2

Item No.: YD-Q3
EXW Price            :  US $56 - 100/ pcs
Min.Order Quantity:  10 set
Payment terms:    :  T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Shipment              :  DHL, UPS, Fedex or other other logistic line

Basic Function:

the functions are the Bionic wave repelling function, flash repels function, ultrasonic repelling function. The bird repeller can be covered a big area, easy to operate. So far, most of the bird repellers have simple functions, low intellectualization, not obvious effective, but this model bird repeller is hot sales. 



◆ Adopt imported ARM chip as control core, and the audible unit adopts High-decoding-rate MP3 chip. High-quality voice.
◆ The shell adopts Class 6 waterproofing standard, which can work well outdoors.
◆ Ultrasonic is at high frequency which can be adjusted from 15000HZ to 30000HZ, multi-angle and frequency conversion working, effective to repel birds.
◆ Built-in 64M flash chip. Besides, users can put a large-capacity storage card in the chip and change the sound to their needs.
◆ This Bird Repeller has two ultrasonic outlets, two high-power digital bionic wave sound speakers, 6 flash lights.
◆ Rechargeable, it can be charged by AC 220V, solar power and etc.
◆ Able to set different modes of working period: Working all day long mode, Working in the daytime and stopping in the evening mode.
◆ Automatic play mode, easier to operate.
◆ Built-in many effective birds repelling audio which has been recommended and tested by the expert.
◆ The flashlight adopts super bright LED light – strong white light and far infrared rays.
◆This product is energy-efficient, whose standby power consumption is less than 0.5W.
◆ This bird repeller can repel a different kind of bird fast and has a long effective time. For its changeable and ceaseless ultrasonic, birds cannot adapt to it.

Production Dimension:

Product structure :
base structure

left side

Right side

Product operation :

(1) The power adapter line should be connect to the power port under the device and the other side to connect outlet of AC220V
( As the picture below)

(2) After connecting the power adapter line and then checking if everything is OK, open the rear cover with screwdriver, turn on the power switch, there is: “Welcome to use the Yuandun animal repeller” comes out and the device start to work. ( As the picture below)
(3) About PIR, its working mode switch is under the device, when the switch is set to the left, it is “working all day long” mode.
When the switch is set to the right, it change to the “daytime work only” mode (the device will work according to the detecting light), users can adjust it to meet their own needs .

(4) Built-in two storage ways for sound - TF card and FLASH, users can use one of them to their own needs .

Connecting sketches:

Change the sound:

(1) The device is built-in Flash 64M storage, which can connect to the computer through USB cable. The number of sounds storage depends on the size of each file.

(2) The product also has a TF card port, so you can connect the computer and then modify the sound in TF card.
When putting the TF card in, the device will read the TF card only and stop playing the sound in flash 64M storage.



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