Voice Chip

Speech Recognition Chip, Voice Control Chip, NRK10 Identification Chip

Min.Order Quantity: 1000 pieces
Price: 0.7USD- 1.2USD/pcs
Supply Ability: 500000 pieces/month
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C


NRK10 is a high-performance and low-cost off-line speech recognition chip. It has the function of speech recognition and broadcast. It needs to hang SPI-Flash, store words or voice content. It has the advantages of high recognition rate, industrial performance, simple and easy to use, and easy to update entries. Widely used in smart home, AI artificial intelligence, toys and other fields.

◆ Power Parameter

- Working voltage: 1.8V~5.5V, generally 3.3V

- Sleep current: <7uA

- Wake-up method:interrupts from any GPIO, RTC, or WDT.
◆ Identification

- Fixed phrase, non-specific person recognition

- Recognize 20 entries (three words per entry).

- Identify the environment: quiet and anechoic.

- Recognition effect: quiet echo free environment, the recognition rate within 2 meters can reach 90% or more.

- Recognition language: can identify 32 languages, such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, etc. (not to recognize many languages at the same time, that is, a module can not identify Chinese, English, Japanese at the same time).

◆ Audio output

- PWM output, can drive 8 European 0.5W horn directly.

◆ The contents of the audio output should be placed in the plug-in SPI_Flash.
◆ Low voltage reset:

- 1.6V built-in low dropout (LDO)

- Can provide 25mA load current in 3.3V

- Configurable output voltage: 8 options 1.5v/1.7v/1.8v/2.4v/2.5v/2.7v/3v/3.3v, default 3.3V.

◆ Working temperature: -10°C~70°C
◆ The packaging forms are LQFP32 and COB.
◆ The chip program storage mode:

- OTP storage mode, one-time burning, convenient sample and mass production. The entry is stored in the external SPI FLASH. Support 8M/16M/32Mbit SPI FLASH.

◆ The built-in UART serial port and single line serial port are convenient for single chip microcomputer control.
◆ The built-in MIC 2 stage bias amplifier circuit and the self AGC gain control.
Chip internal module structure diagram:
Electrical performance parameters of chip:
Limit electrical performance of the chip

Chip package tube foot diagram and tube foot description table
Chip tube foot map (NRK10 chip LQFP32 tube foot map)
Application Example


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