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NXS-3 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-3 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-3 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-3 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-3 Vehicle Speed Limiter
Min.Order Quantity: 50 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 5000 Set/Sets per Month
Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,paypal,L/C
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Speed Limiter Truck Bus Speed Governor NXS-3D

Road Testing Pulse Mode and GPS Mode Transformation

Basic Introduction:

The main function of the speed limiter is to limit vehicle speed in a safe range.

It is also a driving recorder and can record 72 hours over speeding data.

The limiting speed can be adjusted from 0 km to 120 km by Administrator.

For example, set the speed at 80km/h, and when the driving speed hits 80km/h, the speed limiter will start working and limit the speed to make it a safe driving within 80km/h.


Product Parameters:

·          Applicable temperature: -35°C~50°C

·          Working condition relative humidity:<90%

·          Rang of speed limiting: 0-120km/h

·          Speed controlling band: ±5km/h

·          Working voltage: 9-36v

·          Anti-vibration character: 20~50Hz

·          Electro magnetic compatibility: Pulsed Voltage reach 4000V

·          Rated power dissipation: 2w

·          Warranty: 1 year


Product Features:

1) Limit the speed effectively for most of the vehicle in the market

2) Can record the over speeding records for the latest 72hrs. And the records can be exported through a USB configurator easily for data checking

3) By using the data recording and speed limits function, the fleet will work more safely, intelligently and effectively

4) Speed Mode Detection and automatically transformation :

a. Without GPS antenna, it will get the current driving speed from the vehicle speed sensor

b. With GPS antenna, it will get the current driving from the GPS signal 

5) Easy calibration of the speed

6) Limiting the speed without affecting the functionality of the vehicle 

7) Tamper-proof wire connection

8) Buzzer Warning for over speeding:

a. Sound buzzer at 5% below set speed intermittently

b. Sound buzzer continuously once the set speed is achieved 

9) Vibration Resistance

10) Extensive applicability, can be used for the vehicle with electronic throttle pedal or mechanical throttle pedal

11) An overload protection prevent the circuit board from being damaged

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