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NXS-4 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-4 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-4 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-4 Vehicle Speed Limiter
NXS-4 Vehicle Speed Limiter
Min.Order Quantity: 10 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 5000 Set/Sets per Month
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,paypal,L/C
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Vehicle Speed Limiter with integrated GPS tracking System

This GPS Real Time Fleet Management with Speed Governor Function recorder is widely used for all commercial vehicles such as Trucks, Buses, Cars. All the Mechanical and Electronic vehicles will work well.

Main Features:

1. Accurate Speed Limiting with the program to prevent the engine from shutting down.

2. Geo-Fence Speed Limiting which allows the admin to set different speed zone for vehicles.

3. Printer to print out the speed record.

4. SOS button function.

5. Tampered-Proof for every disconnection of the wires.

6. Real-time Tracking System.

7. Tracking Play back

8. Mileage Reports

9. Fuel Report.

10. Meets the Kenya Standard, Ethiopian Standard, Rwanda Standard etc.

11. Mobile APP for IOS, Android Supported.

12. SMS for remote configuration.


Speed Limiting Function

·Before over-speeding, there will be a pre-warning alarm(5% of the setting speed). When the set the speed is reached, the speed limiter will temporarily set the vehicle to the idle status, and then the car can’t be accelerated. Accelerating Pedal will be reinstated at a speed once less than the setting speed (without affecting the other performance parameters of the vehicle in any manner).

·If the power is disconnected, information in electronic format stored in the speed limiter for a period of 72 driving hours prior to the disconnection will remain retrievable. Can be checked through computer software.

·By the use of a panel mounted type B USB port Or Bluetooth, the portable printer can print data for the last one hour or violations.


Technical Parameters:

     Fleet management system

     Real-time tracking

     Applicable temperature: -35 °C~80 °C

     Rang of speed limiting: 10-120 km/h

     Dimension: 130 mm*87 mm*32 mm

     Deviation of speed limiting:< ±2 km/h(According to R89 certificates)

     Working voltage: 6-36v

     Rated power: 1.2W

     Rated current: 0.12mA

     Anti-vibration character: 20~50Hz

     Pulse frequency : 1~500Hz

     Temper-proof for the wires disconnection

     In-built GPS and GSM

     Inbuilt Battery living time: 800mAh (Can be last for 5 hours without the external power supply)



GPRS Parameters:


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