Vehicle Speed Governor

Speed Governor SIM Card GPRS/GPS Real-time Tracking Fleet Management Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) for EU standard

USD 56-USD 90
For tracking and speed recording and limiting.

1.Product features: 


 1). Working voltage DC 9-36V

 2). Working currency: ≦100mA@12V

 3). Stand-by current: ≦30MA

 4). Demension: L147mm*W95mm*H32mm

 5). Positioning deviation: <10m

 6). Communication network: Support for quad band(GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz)

 7). Communication method: UDP/TCP

 8). Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +75℃

 9). Storage temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃

10). Battery capacity: 180mAh/3.7V


 2.Technical parameters 


  1). Real-time management: The location of the vehicle can be easily accessed via WEB/Mobile APP/

  2). Track playback: Can query the vehicle's 3-month historical trajectory data;

  3). Mileage statistics: Vehicle mileage statistics inquiry;

  4). Parameter query: You can remotely query the parameters of the device, such as IP, port, device number, and return time.

  5). Geo-fence: Set the vehicle electronic fence alarm and fence speed limit;

  6). Remote parameter setting: Remote setting device parameters;

  7). Remote speed limit: Built-in speed limit relay, which can judge the overspeed automatic speed limit and the remote control speed limit issued by the platform;

  8). Oil off: With the relay, the oil circuit can be controlled and controlled remotely;

  9). Power failure removal alarm: Device removal alarm;

  10). Antenna open circuit alarm: Detecting the positioning antenna maliciously dismantling the open circuit to the platform alarm

  11). Speed alarm: Vehicle speed threshold can be set, and built-in buzzer alarm and background alarm are supported.

  12). Fatigue driving alarm: According to the setting, it can judge continuous driving fatigue, daily driving fatigue, and weekly driving fatigue alarm report;

  13). Blind area: In the GPRS blind zone, the blind zone data is automatically saved, and the signal is reissued when the signal is restored.



The vehicle speed limiter can be installed in the car, bus, school bus, truck, garbage truck,oil tank truck,ect! This system is currently required as per law, in Kenya and Nigeria.






If the driver drived the car over- speed, so many traffic accident can be happened.


And it will help you increase management efficiency, you can monitor your vehicles anywhere at anytime.


Speed has been identified as a key risk factor in road traffic injuries, influencing both the risk of a road traffic crash as well as the severity of the injuries that result from crashes. For instance, pedestrians have a 90% chance of survival if hit by a car travelling at a speed of 30km/h or below, but less than a 50% chance of surviving an impact of 45km/h or above "


Speed recorder & limiter is an advanced form of normal speed limiter device. Apart from speed limiting function, this device can act as a data logger also. Our speed recorder, NXS-4 can record highest speed value, real time for every 5 seconds and record for more than 3 days. This data can be retrieved any time using a simple USB flash disk. There is no need of any additional software to read the data. The system is helpful for police to identify the intentional tampering of speed limiter system as well as history of over-speed in case of an accident.


This system is currently required as per law, in Kenya and Nigeria. As an OE supply, our devices are used by many countries(Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania,UAE, Saud Arabia, etc) to meet customers requirements. The System is approved by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Kenya, Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) & RURA, Rwanda.


Connection way:


1. The standard connection way it so connect the fuel pump:

Speed Governor SIM Card GPRS/GPS Real-time Tracking Fleet Management

The green wire of vehicle speed limiter should be connected the fuel pump in the car. The other side which connect the fuse box should be cut off and reconnect with the green wire.



2. If some vehicles have no fuel pump, please connect to the key switch.




Speed Governor SIM Card GPRS/GPS Real-time Tracking Fleet Management


The green wire should be connected the ON point.  Cut the wire behind the ON point and green wire reconnected it. The fitter can see that there is the key switch. Turning the key , before turning, the volts is 0V, ( the fitter can measure voltages with multimeter). But after turning the key, it is 12V. Just connect this wire.


The vehicle speed limiter can be installed in the vehicle with electronic pedal and mechanical  pedal!