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What is the difference between smart speed limiter and normal speed limiter
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The automobile speed limiter is also called the automobile speed limiter device....

The automatic speed limiter is also called smart speed limiter. The administrator can simply set a reasonable speed limit by a remote control, which can solve the safety hazard of the driver to a certain extent. So what is the difference between Nine Chip speed limiter and normal speed limiter?


What the two types of speed limiters have in common:

1. Application vehicles

It is suitable for trucks, school buses, city buses, engineering vehicles, muck transport vehicles, transport vehicles with dangerous goods, and logistics transport vehicles.

2. Main functions:

All have a mandatory speed limit function, which can effectively control the speed of the vehicle

3. Speed limit mode:

All can choose to configure the mechanical cable throttle controller or electronic throttle controller according to the power mode of the vehicle, so as to realize the mechanical speed limit or electronic speed limit.


The difference between the two types of speed limiters:

Taking the Nine Chip speed limiter NXS-3 as an example, the smart speed limiter adds additional functions such as regional speed limit and history playback. Users can use USB to export vehicle data, perform data analysis, management of vehicles and drivers on the cloud platform.


Geo-fence speed limit is a new function of the smart speed limiter, which can automatically limit the speed when the vehicle travels to a specific area. The playback of historical records allows administrators to replay the vehicle's driving track on the platform, which is convenient for administrators to handle driver violations and evaluate the driver performance. 




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